Model Digitals/Polaroids

When was the last time you took model digitals?

Having quality, up-to-date digitals ready to send is so important. Typically, you want to update your digitals every couple of months or as requested by a client. If there have been any significant changes to your look, such as a change in hair color/style, tattoos, weight loss/gain, etc. It’s essential to have updated current modeling digitals on file.

What are digitals?

Digitals are raw, unfiltered photos that showcase your face and body without any editing, styling, make-up, or filters. They are to showcase to an agency/client/director what you look like in your most natural state. Some agencies or clients will also request to see digitals in a swimsuit. Before digital cameras, these raw photos were taken with Polaroids and were traditionally called model Polaroids. 

**NEVER** send digitals in lingerie, partially nude or fully nude. If anyone asks for those types of images, it’s a HUGE red flag.

TiffanyDigitals-909A1293TiffanyDigitals-909A1293Tiffany Garcia Digitals March 2024 TiffanyDigitals-909A1287TiffanyDigitals-909A1287Tiffany Garcia Digitals March 2024 TiffanyDigitals-909A1297TiffanyDigitals-909A1297Tiffany Garcia Digitals March 2024

The Look

Agencies/Clients want to see you in a natural look that shows your features and shape. Loose, baggy clothing is not acceptable. This means form-fitting clothing that is not busy and has a neutral color.

Your hair should be natural or very lightly styled (no obvious unnatural style or up-do), and makeup should be minimal to bare-faced, with absolutely no glam. Nails should also be natural or painted a natural color, with no distracting colors or nail art. The only makeup allowed is lipgloss, light coverup on blemishes, and very light filling in eyebrows. You want to focus more on hydration and moisturizing.

TiffanyDigitals-909A1309TiffanyDigitals-909A1309Tiffany Garcia Digitals March 2024 TiffanyDigitals-909A1301TiffanyDigitals-909A1301Tiffany Garcia Digitals March 2024 TiffanyDigitals-909A1312TiffanyDigitals-909A1312Tiffany Garcia Digitals March 2024


Wear an outfit that flatters your body. A fitted black tank top, black or dark blue skinny jeans, and heels are ideal. For fitness, lingerie, or swimwear models, black bikinis are often worn to show shape, and black heels are ideal to complement this look. High heels are recommended but not required.

Men: Ideally, wear form-fitting jeans and a neutral form-fitting top. For fitness or swimwear models, shirtless with shorts.

Solid, nuetral colors. The most common colors are black, grey, and white. Light skin, all black is best. Grey also works well.

Dark skin, white or grey works best.

Contact me to book your digitals.

The unedited JPG images for the Modeling Digitals packages will be provided at full size and saved in the JPG file format. You will have unlimited, non-exclusive rights to the images. That means you can do whatever you want with the images for personal use; you are not permitted to sell the rights or transfer the rights of use to anyone else. The price for the shoot will be $125, shoot will be held at Altered Visions Studio. Price is subject to change if you want another studio or location.   

If you need me to design a comp card along with your digitals, please contact me about pricing and the style choice for your card. Some models have compa cards that are strictly digitals and another set of their portfolio images based on the different genres they seek to work in.